DEPRECATED: This method of passing application to Personio is deprecated and will only receive bugfixes. New implementations should interact with the /v1/recruiting/applications endpoints above, existing implementators are advised to migrate to them.

A note on categorised documents
Categorised documents are represented as a multidimensional array.
Each object has two fields: 'file' and 'category'. The 'file' field contains an upload stream. The 'category field' contains the category name, the allowed category names are listed in the table above. An example in pseudo code would be:

 val request = HttpRequest()

// Example of a CV file
$data['categorised_documents[0][file]'] = new CURLFile('/path/to/cv.pdf','application/pdf');
$data['categorised_documents[0][category]'] = 'cv';

// Example of a cover letter file
$data['categorised_documents[0][file]'] = new CURLFile('/path/to/cover-letter.pdf','application/pdf');
$data['categorised_documents[0][category]'] = 'cover-letter';

// ... fill in all the required params ...

// configure the CURL request
$request = curl_init('');
curl_setopt($request, CURLOPT_POST, 1);
curl_setopt($request, CURLOPT_POSTFIELDS, $data);

// Execute it

A note on documents
Documents need to be submitted as an upload stream not just with a plain file path. An example in PHP code would be:

 $data['document1'] = 'path-to-file' // this will not work! 
$data['document1'] = new CURLFile('path-to-file') // Correct

A note on spamming
Please be aware that the access_token in company with your company_id allows the creation of applications in your account. When building your own career page, we would recommend that you call our endpoints from a backend service, rather than from your frontend directly, in order to avoid making the token publicly accessible. In addition to this, we recommend the inclusion of a captcha or similar into your own career page to avoid bot applications.

Rate limiting
Our applicant API is a rate limit of 100 applications in 60 seconds per IP address. After submitting this amount of applications, you will need to wait 60 seconds before you can submit more applications.

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