Absences API - Additional field in endpoint `GET /company/time-off-types` response

We are adding a new field legacy_categoryfor the response of the GET endpoint.

legacy_category will have the data of the category field of the absence types that were created/updated before 15.05.2023, while thecategoryfield will now contain the latest category of theabsenceType regardless when it was created/updated.
categorycan be one of:

  • family_care
  • maternity_parental_leave
  • child_care
  • short_time_allowance
  • quarantine
  • lockout
  • irrevocable_exemption
  • sick_leave
  • voluntary_military_service
  • unlawful_strike
  • lawful_strike
  • paid_vacation
  • unpaid_vacation
  • unexcused_absence
  • offsite_work
  • other
  • undefined