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Diskussions still not working for me

Hello Amrit, here is my reply to your comment in [my thread](https://developer.personio.de/discuss/63875237a9053a006c09f9e0). I'm still not able to post any comments. Best regards, Andreas

I'm not getting all absences records in the API response

Hi, When I get the Absences data the API returns only my users' absences. Is there some kind of rights issue?

Is a Sandbox/Testing API and access to it, available?

Hello there, this has been asked before, but the other topics are all a couple month old. Do you have a Sandbox/Testing API and if so, can we please get access to it? What would you need from us to give us access? Some info of what we want to do: We are currently refreshing a website for a client, who is using Personio for job offers and we'd like to push new applications through your API rather than using iframes. That seems easy enough, but we'd like to test/sandbox the implementation before pushing anything into your Live API. Thanks in advance and kind regards Stefan Reichelt

Discussions still working?

Hello, since monday afternoon I'm not able to add a comment to my question. When I click on "Add comment" it loads for some time and then I get a blank screen. I tried at different times with different browsers and also in private mode. I looked around a little bit and found only comments by admins since then. Maybe I'm not the only user having this problem. Kind Regards, Andreas

Add multiple attendances for the same day using the API

Hello, I'm trying to sync the attendances from the project management tool we are using to Personio. That tool records the attendances by project, so sometimes there are more than one attendances for one employee at the same day, i. e. Project A: 06:00 - 10:30 Project B: 11:00 - 15:00 When I try to add the second attendance I get this error: `Existing overlapping attendances periods` Is the any way to add multiple attendances for one employee at the same day by using the API or do I have to do some nasty calculations to add breaks which leads to more nasty data handling when updating the attendances? Kind regards

Post request for test company

I am trying to create an application via a post request and although the response code is 200, the application is not created. this is the input: { "company_id": " ", "access_token": " ", "job_position_id": " ", "first_name": " ", "last_name": " ", "email": " ", "phase": { "type": " ", "id": "offer" }, "application_date": "2022-09-07" } and this is the endpoint https://test-company-2.personio.de/recruiting/api/v1/positions

Get absence substitution

How can the registered substitution be retrieved via API for the absences? This does not seem to be included in the time-off endpoint. Many greetings Matthias

Update profile picture via API?

Is it possible to use the PATCH https://api.personio.de/v1/company/employees/{employee_id} endpoint (or another endpoint for that sake) to update the profile picture for an employee? We have a central repository for employee profile pictures and would like to update the profile picture in Personio programmatically.

I cannot make calls to certain endpoints

Hi, I am trying to make a call to the endpoint (time-off-types) and I get the following error. When making the call, I perform the same process as with the others. 1- Login 2- I get the token 3- I make an endpoint call by adding the tocken to the authorization / bearer token section. { "success": false, "error": { "message": "The token has been blacklisted", "code": 401 } } The tests are performed from the Postman utility Thanks.

Bulk APIs

Hello there, We're using your API to sync employees between our system and your system and the problem we are facing is that due to the limit of authentication requests we can do per minute the parallelization of the upstream updates is too slow. Currently we are trying to update 40 employees in parallel and then use the new tokens for the next 40. My question is if you have any intention of providing a bulk API for employee updates where we can send an array of employees to update. If this is a slow process perhaps even considering using sockets or something of the sort to keep the process going (or perhaps web-hooks are an option as well?). Thank you