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Get Updated Employees only from AP

Hi Personio, thank you for creating awesome solution and api docs PROBLEM: If i Query /company/employees I get the entire list of employees, But what about only UPDATED employees from certain date? Basically if would be very helpful if we can filter on last_modified_at similar filter directly in the query for "updated_from" in /company/attendances https://developer.personio.de/reference/get_company-attendances STEPS: 1. Query /company/employees 2. Get entire employees list 3. What If I only want updated employees?

Call custom endpoint when data is created in Persio

Hello, is it possible to let call a certain endpoint when data is created, modified, deleted, ... in Persio? E. g. we want to react with our own software process if an employee creates an absence.

encoding of Special Characters

Hello Personio Team. Im currently struggling with Encoding / Special Characters using the Patch API Endpoint with Powershell. Since every Patch API Call requires firstname / lastname (why though? shouldn't be Employee ID enough) i sometimes have to send special characters like ä ü é etc. what encoding does Personio expect. currently im Using the following code (which works fine as long as firstname and lastname do not use special characters) : $PatchingID = $user.id.value $firstname_required = $user.first_name.value $lastname_required = $user.last_name.value $PatchUri = "https://api.personio.de/v1/company/employees/$($PatchingID)" $body = "{`"employee`":{`"custom_attributes`":{`"dynamic_5345254`":`"Onboarding Teams `& Co`"},`"first_name`":`"$firstname_required`",`"last_name`":`"$lastname_required`"}}" $request2 = invoke-Webrequest -Method 'Patch' -Uri $PatchUri -Header $header -ContentType 'application/json' -Body $body

Support for Alternating Weekly Work Schedules

Good afternoon, It is common for team members on 32- and 36-hour contracts to have an alternating weekly work schedule. For example, we have multiple members with 36-hour contracts that work 9 days out of every 10. However, it is currently not possible to plan work schedules in an alternating pattern (or deviate in some other way) in Personio without regular manual effort. This means that their Attendance tab does not display their working days appropriately, resulting in some confusion and errors when registering and approving time off. These is a relatively common work schedule for employees in the Netherlands, and I imagine it would also be very helpful for employers in other European countries. Are you planning to add functionality to accommodate this need? Thanks, Brian

Scheduled attribute changes set via API

Hey, it would really help to automate a lot of things if the manual function personio provides to schedule employee attribute changes could also be exposed as an API endpoint, so you could schedule employee attribute changes via API.

Change the primary email adress of a user via API

Hello, why is it currently not possible to change an employees main email adress via API? Our usecase? before an employees start date we put in his private email adress to let him recieve onboaridng emails before he has the company login. now we want to automate that on day one the email is changed to the company email adress. this is currently neither possible with workflow automations, since you can not use "scheduled attribute changes" in a workflow (its only possible to schedule them manually for each employee) and it is also not possible to do this via email.

Personio to Google Cloud Directory Sync

We would like to automate the creation of users in GCDS. Afaik you offer this for Microsoft AD, but what if the AD is on Google? Do you have any idea how we can achieve this? Thank you for any help.

API automation employee endpoints

We are updating our API automation and have the following questions. Set hire date TZ We have set the hire_date to “2022-08-08” and the date has been set to “2022-08-08T00:00:00+02:00” Although this would not normally be a big issue for locations situated in a time zone West of GMT we wanted to know why the date has not been set as timezone independent and what is the criteria. Set the supervisor of an employee via API. Despite the various attempt we are still unsuccessful. This is the body we have tried with the PATCH /employees/{employeeId} endpoint: { "employee" : { "supervisor" : 1664761 } } Could you please suggest what is the right way to set the supervisor via API? Set email of an employee on update. Can we update the email of an employee. When will this be available in the API. When we create the user in Personio we have not initiated his account yet, so we do not have his email address. Set onboarding script Can we set the onboarding script or query the name of the onboarding script in the employee onboarding process Status We can update the status via the API to inactive by removing the hire date. What are the rules for updating of status.

Slack updates are unrelieable

Every few days that integration misses doing the updates, what can we do

Forwarding summary from the to-do list in email

Dear Personio Team, I already posted my question here, but it seems like the topic is closed: https://developer.personio.de/discuss/62e38f35b97ef0004cf5f55d I still need your help: In Personio there is a to-do list of steps to be completed by a manager (or HR, etc). After that, there is an automatic notification to the IT department that will be sent to the service management tool to prepare everything that was listed in the steps. To simplify the process so that the IT manager doesn't have to work in two different programs (it is especially difficult when you have 20 onboardings to be prepared during a week), we need a summary of the to-do steps to be in the description of the notification. To do this, I need a 'code'. Could you please help me with that? Looking forward to your reply! BR, Olga