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Personio Okta Integration

Hello there, Are there any plans for a direct integration to Okta? We would like to sync user data from Personio to Okta and can't use the integration from the marketplace because it requires a DPA with Tray.io. Or do you plan to support SCIM in the near future? Thanks! Tobias

REST call returns `forbidden.http.exception`

Hi, I query the /auth endpoint to get the first bearer token and the response is ``` { "success": true, "data": { "token": "<TOKEN>" } } ``` However, using this token in the next request, i.e. for endpoint `https://api.personio.de/v1/company/attendances` the response is ``` { "success": false, "error": { "message": "personio.core.api.exceptions.api.forbidden.http.exception", "code": 0 } ``` What is the problem? The API Key I'm using has read and write access for attendances. Thanks

Recruiting API works only sometimes (Zapier)

I use Zapier to link incoming applications from Typeform to Personio. Since I couldn't get the Zapier integration to work with the Recruiting API, I had to work with a webhook in Zapier. I followed the instructions from the Recruiting API doc but sometimes the transfer works and sometimes it doesn't. I couldn't see any pattern when it works and when it doesn't. This is my JSON body: { "job_position_id": 12345, "first_name": "Max", "last_name": "Mustermann", "email": "[email protected]", "message": "Ausbildung im Bereich: ja", "files": [ { "original_filename": "filename.pdf", "uuid": "123abc123abc", "category": "other" } ], "attributes": [ { "id": "phone", "value": "0123456789" }, { "id":"available_from", "value": "2001-01-01" } ] } I don't know how to solve the problem. Is there any way to use the Recruiting API with Personio's Zapier integration?

How to get the "Über uns" section via API?

Hello, We retrieve our open positions via the XML feed to display them on our own website. I saw that there is a central section called "Über uns" that is shown in all positions without the need to copy paste this section again and again. I would like to retrieve this section via the API to show it on our own website, however I didn't find an endpoint or way to do this. Is there a way to get this section? Thank you very much. P.S.: I would really like to see an improved API. Currently, I have to retrieve all positions only to filter them client-side for the requested one.

Zap with Typeform

Hi there, I set up a Zap between Personio and Typeform to create new applicants in Personio. It works for First Name, Name, and mail-address, but somehow the CV or uploaded file is not transferred and returns an error even though the field can me mapped? Is a file transfer from Typeform to Personio disabled? Thanks for you support

ZEITERFSSSUNG API ERROR Start time has to be smaller than end time

Hallo alle, Ich versuche mit dem API Endpunkt /company/attendances/ einen neuen Zeiteintrag zu erstellen, folgender Fehler wird angezeigt. { "success": false, "error": { "code": 400, "message": "Error when trying to insert Attendances periods rows", "detailed_message": [ { "success": false, "error_msg": "Start time 2022-10-20T12:13:00.000Z has to be smaller than end time 2022-10-20T11:16:00.000Z", "id": null, "employee": xxxx, "date": "2022-10-20", "start_time": "15:48", "end_time": "16:47", "break": 0, "comment": "", "project_id": xxxx } ] } } obwohl alles mit der API Anfrage stimmt. Beginn und ende sind korrekt hinterlegt array:1 [ "attendances" => array:1 [ 0 => array:7 [ "employee" => xxxx "date" => "2022-10-20" "start_time" => "15:48" "end_time" => "16:47" "break" => 0 "project_id" => xxxx "comment" => "" ] ]

Attendances - updated_at

Hi, Is it possible that the "updated_at" timestamp (sometimes) isn't updated if the status was changed from pending to confirmed? If you need more details I could provide an id and further information. Thank you, Michael

Change the API results language

Currently I'm getting all attributes labels in EN, even if DE is set up for the account. How can I change the language, preferrably per request?

Waiting Feedback Request Overview

Gibt es eine Möglichkeiten eine Übersicht sich anzeigen zu lassen, über ausstehende Feedback-Anfragen? Is there a way to display an overview of pending requested Feedback?

Can't authenticate using the v1/company/employees REST API

Hello. I'm using Power Query in Power BI Desktop to fetch data. I've already created the code to get a token from$ /v1/auth using the client_id and client_secret and pass that Bearer token to /v1/company/employees but the query breaks from that point and I'm not authorized for some weird reasons. This code worked few weeks back but now doesn't. Everything works smoothly in Postman by the way Anyone here successfully using Power Query to get data from Personio?