Attendances API: added optional "skip_approval" parameter

Attendances periods created via the POST /company/attendances, the updates via PATCH company/attendances and deletions via DELETE company/attendances endpoints used to skip the approval process by default, so there was no way to create attendances requests using the public API.

We just introduced the optional skip_approval parameter, which allows you to define if the approval process should be skipped or not.

If the parameter is used and set to false, attendance periods created via the public API trigger the same approval processes as if the requests would've been created in the Personio web app.

If the parameter is used and set to true, the approval process is skipped.

If the parameter is not used at all, the approval process is skipped. This was the behaviour before the parameter was introduced, so existing implementations will not be affected by this change.

Check out the API reference for more details and this helpcenter article to learn more about approval processes in Personio.