Employees API: Currency is now exposed

In Personio, it is already possible to retrieve salary data for employees. That salary data currently does not include the currency of a particular employee’s salary. From now on we are adding the currency attribute to the salary model in the employee endpoint.

Note on the implementation:
The currency is derived from the employee’s office. If the employee has no office or the office attribute is not used in the account, the default company currency is used.

"data": [
			"type": "Employee",
			"attributes": {
				"id": {
				  "label": "ID",
				  "value": 420887,
				  "type": "integer",
				  "universal_id": "id"
				"first_name": {
				  "label": "First name",
				  "value": "Demonstration",
				  "type": "standard",
				  "universal_id": "first_name"
				"last_name": {
				  "label": "Last name",
				  "value": "Name",
				  "type": "standard",
				  "universal_id": "last_name"
				"fix_salary": {
				  "label": "Fix salary",
				  "value": 3000,
				  "type": "decimal",
				  "universal_id": "fix_salary",
				  "currency": "EUR"
				"fix_salary_interval": {
				  "label": "Salary interval",
				  "value": "monthly",
				  "type": "standard",
				  "universal_id": "fix_salary_interval"
				"hourly_salary": {
				  "label": "Hourly salary",
				  "value": 0,
				  "type": "decimal",
				  "universal_id": "hourly_salary",
				  "currency": "EUR"