Rate Limits on GET Employees endpoint - May 6, 2024

As part of our continuous approach to ensure the stability and reliability of the Personio Public API, we are introducing rate-limits to the GET Employees API endpoint ( from May 6, 2024. A few salient points to note:

  1. Rate-limits are planned to be introduced on one specific endpoint i.e. the GET Employees endpoint
  2. The values of the rate-limits would be 300 requests per min with a burst rate capability of 15 reqs per second
  3. The rate limit enforcement will begin on May 6 and contravention of the rate-limit will result in a 429 error

Personio has already reached out, via e-mail, to specific customers whose API traffic patterns are above the limits described in point 2. Our suggested approach to mitigate any potential impact is to implement a retry mechanism in existing integrations in case a 429 error is received, with a delay of at least 1 second from the receipt of the error.