Custom Reports API - Pagination added

Pagination can be used in the GetReport Endpoint via page and limit query parameters. The limit indicates how many employees per page should be returned. Example: /company/custom-reports/reports/{report_id}?page=2&limit=100


Custom Reports API - 'Report status' added

Provision of report status via API


Authentication API - Improved bearer token

Changed the nature of bearer token from one-time use to stable tokens


Attendance API - Added support for open-ended attendances

Changed 'end_time' in POST and PATCH endpoints to be optional


Absences API - Additional field in endpoint `GET /company/time-off-types` response

We are adding a new field legacy_categoryfor the response of the GET endpoint.


Auth API: Added support for passing client_secret and client_id in POST body

Until now, the documentation stated that the only way to submit client_id and client_secret is through the query parameters.


Absences API: Added endpoint for deleting hourly absences

A new endpoint that allows customers to delete hourly absence periods has been added


Absences API - Additional fields in the 'Hourly Absence Period' endpoint GET/POST responses

Three new fields are added to the hourly absence GET/POST response as follows:


Absences API: Added endpoint for creating hourly absences

In Personio, it was already possible to create daily absence periods. We've added a new endpoint that allows customers to create hourly absence periods as well.


Documents Public API - Valid filetype extensions

The Documents Public API POST endpoint validates that the file extension is one of the ones listed below and doesn't allow any other extension nor does it attempt to detect the file type.