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GET v1/company/time-offs yields duplicate entry after paging to 8th page


  • GET v1/company/time-offs yields a duplicate entry after paging to the 8th page.

API: https://developer.personio.de/reference/get_company-time-offs


  • The duplicate entry only appears when retrieving page 8 - so it must be a paging error inside of Personio: https://api.personio.de/v1/company/time-offs?limit=200&offset=8
  • It would only be a client-side error if the duplicate entry would appear in the second page, because then we would be paging wrongly and would see repeating IDs in every page.
  • We only started to see the duplicate key errors a few weeks ago (in February/March 2024).


  • Absence record ID 149239744 is returned as last entry on page 7 and as first entry on page 8.
    • It is the same record with the same ID and identical values.
    • We are not using the updated_from and updated_to parameters.


  • We had a similar case before, because the parameter offset is not actually starting with value 0 but 1 (and 0 is silently interpreted as 1). When paging from 0 to 1, we were receiving the same entries again. But we addressed this in our client already.