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Pagination changed?

Hi, did you just change the pagination method of the /company/time-offs endpoint? It used to be same is other endpoints, for example /company/employees. Why is this one different and why was there no change log entry about it? Thanks, Sebastian

API - historical weekly working hours and work schedule

Hi Personio, how can i read the weekly working hours and work schedule data with the personio api? We need this data für our processes.

How can i submit Files with special characters?

Hi, I am trying to upload a File with a special character using PowerShell and get: {"success":false,"error":{"code":"api.documents.error.validation.failed","message":"","details":{"file":[{"code":"api.documents.error.validation.file.extension","message":"We do not accept files of this type"}]}}} The code I use is something like this: $Form = @{ title =theFileName employee_id = 1234567 category_id = 123456 file = Get-Item C:\aFileWithÜ.pdf } Invoke-RestMethod -Uri $Uri -Method Post -Headers $header -ContentType 'multipart/form-data' -ResponseHeadersVariable response -Form $Form When i rename the file to a name without "Ü", it works. Is this intended?

Some payroll documents not included in batch export

20 payroll documents were not included in my last batch export a week ago, which I only noticed now (I re-downloaded the package, just in case). All had the same naming pattern, and other documents from that time period that did not have that naming pattern were exported.

How to include "Additional Compensation" in custom report?

I can include "fixed salary (100%) in custom report, but the salary is often more complicated than that, so we define "Additional Compensation" (payroll custom fields) for various employees. I didn't find a way to include those attributes in custom report, which means there is no way for me to export them (with time axis). Am I doing something wrong, or is it a bug? I really need to be able to export the employee compensation for our employees using the API.

Please add the Representative to Personio API for Absences

We also need this feature, are there any news about it?

Where can I find / generate bearer token?

Hi, I am trying to integrate attendance from developers hub and to send a POST request I need the bearer token, How can I create one?

Custom Reports API - what use if I can regenerate report only by using GUI?

Hi. I have a case where employee has changed "employment_type", but change was not reflected in custom report until I pressed "regenerate" icon in custom report GUI. It a bug? What triggers automatic regeneration?

Personio API being slow

I’m trying to sync Personio employee data with a third party tool. I’m using the code example provided in api docs: ``` const sdk = require('api')('@personio/v1.0#1fzp...'); sdk.auth('eyJ0eX…'); sdk.getCompanyEmployees({limit: '100', offset: '0'}) ``` Doing auth-get on a loop, until I fetch all the data. When using page size of a 100, each request to getCompanyEmployees takes 20-30 seconds. If I reduce limit to 10, request times range from 3 to 13 seconds. Leaning towards the lower end. Is this expected? Are there any best practices to follow, to speedup getting the data?

How to upload multiple files with PHP and Guzzle?

hello all, is it not possible to upload multiple files at the same time? here i try it '$files = $client->request('POST','https://api.personio.de/v1/recruiting/applications/documents', [ 'headers' => [ 'X-Company-ID' => 'xxxxx', 'accept' => 'application/json', 'authorization' => 'Bearer xxxxx', ], 'multipart' => [ [ 'name' => 'cv', 'filename' => $fileName2, 'contents' => fopen($file1, 'r') ], [ 'name' => 'other', 'filename' => $fileName2, 'contents' => fopen($file2, 'r') ], ] ]);' only the following comes back: '{"extension":"pdf","mimetype":"application/pdf","original_filename":"xxx.pdf","uuid":"f4d5cbc3-28ff-45df-8282-fae6b933d291","size":122030}' best thanks in advance Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)