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Standard Dynamic Field ist not updated, but Date Dynamic Field gets updated

Hi Experts, <br> can you please help me with the following: Our middleware sends an update to a specific employee. The Dynamic Date field gets updated, but the dynamic Standard field is not updated. We cannot reproduce this with Insomnia/Postman -> both field are updated. Do you have a idea/solution? Extract Logging: PATCH {"employee":{"custom_attributes":{"dynamic_11542316":"21965823","dynamic_9818860":"2024-04-18"}}} The first field is not updated. Answer from Personi: {"success":true,"data":{"id":21965823},"meta":\[]} <br> Thanks! Simon

Personnel Data API reponse does not match specification?

Hi, we are using the Personnel Data API as specified here: <https://github.com/personio/api-docs/blob/master/personio-personnel-data-api-oa3.yaml> The POST request for `/company/time-offs` (line: 1529) specifies a response that does not match the actual response of the API. The spec wraps the actual response in an additional `data` field (line: 1556). This looks unusual and we assume it is a mistake. We now patched our copy of the spec to make it work with the OpenAPI client generator. Can you confirm that this is a mistake in the spec? Regards Axel

OperationId is missing for certain endpoints in OAS

Hi, <br> I want to use the OAS defined in <https://github.com/personio/api-docs/blob/master/personio-personnel-data-api-oa3.yaml> to access the API from Personio. Unfortunately the library I use needs the "operationID" to be set for the endpoints I want to call. Currently only the endpoints for the "reports" API have an operationID. My question would be if it is possible to add the operationId to all of the endpoints, so that external clients like me have the flexibility to use whatever library they want? <br> Thx in advance

GET v1/company/time-offs yields duplicate entry after paging to 8th page

Problem - `GET v1/company/time-offs` yields a duplicate entry after paging to the 8th page. API: <https://developer.personio.de/reference/get_company-time-offs> Details - The duplicate entry only appears when retrieving page 8 - so it must be a paging error inside of Personio: <https://api.personio.de/v1/company/time-offs?limit=200&offset=8> - It would only be a client-side error if the duplicate entry would appear in the second page, because then we would be paging wrongly and would see repeating IDs in every page. - We only started to see the duplicate key errors a few weeks ago (in February/March 2024). Example - Absence record ID `149239744` is returned as last entry on page 7 and as first entry on page 8. - It is the same record with the same ID and identical values. - We are not using the updated_from and updated_to parameters. Notes - We had a similar case before, because the parameter offset is not actually starting with value 0 but 1 (and 0 is silently interpreted as 1). When paging from 0 to 1, we were receiving the same entries again. But we addressed this in our client already.

Data transfer custom form to Personio via API

Hi everyone, We have a custom-developed form on our website in the careers section which is now connected to Personio via API. The only thing that is currently not working is the file upload. Uploaded files from applicants arrive "broken" in Personio. We have made the connection strictly according to the API instructions. Can anyone help us? Thank you in advance and best regards, Thimo

Breaks not available

I am trying to get Tracked Times and the breaks, but they are all set to "0". We are booking exactly times, so the employees set break times. However, I cannot get them via API.

How can I construct the HTTP call to upload DocX or PDF documents?

Hi, I'm struggling to get the correct HTTP call. When I follow the API documentation the files are being uploaded as txt files instead of the correct file extension (DocX or PDF). I've read in another thread that base64 encoded wasn't supported, but the documentation still states that the stream is base64 encoded. But as this isn't working what kind of stream should I offer in the HTTP call to have a DocX or PDF correctly being uploaded?

Attendance balance

Hello! I'm trying to retrieve an employee attendance balance but I can't find that info coming from any of the endpoints. I'm missing something with documentation or is it not supported and need to be calculated? Thanks!

Is there a list of applications which are used for the specific file extensions?

Hi, I'm working on the implementation of the Personio API but I don't find any list of applications which belongs to which file extension. Is there such list so that I can add that to my script?


Is there a sandbox where I can test my code without disturbing the live system?