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absences not available on API

We have an issue with a client that uses personio. They expect that a specific absencetype "X" for user "Y", 2024-05-01 and 2024-04-23 is available at endpoint company/time-offs but they are not. Any idea what's wrong?

user updated_since with attributes

I can't user updated_since in comination with the attributes filter as suggested in examples: ?attributes\[]=first_name&updated_since=2022-12-24T08:15:30 will yield 3 employees, ones that had their first_name changed since 2022-12-24T08:15:30: When I only search withouht attributes and &updated_since=2022-12-24T08:15:30 it works out fine. What am I doing wrong? Thank you! <br>

Is it possible to access the Personio API via access key genrated for my personal user

We are using Personio in our company for HR topics. I'm responsible for a bunch of employees, but I'm not the Admin, CEO or Head of HR, just a lead. Would it be possible to programmatically access the Personio API (via an API Key for my user) to be able to access all the data of the employees I'm responsible for, without having full admin-rights? <br>

Download documents

Is it possible to download documents from Personio using the API? The API documentation only relates to uploading documents, an option for downloading is not even mentioned

POST time-off

Is there an issue with this endpoint? <https://api.personio.de/v1/company/time-offs> The response is "Unauthenticated" 401 although this Bearer work well with all other requests (e.g. List Time-Off Types). I verified that the credentials have read and write permissions for the absence module.

Using directory sync with WorkOS

Hi there, You mention that WorkOS is supported as a partner (<https://developer.personio.de/docs/ipaas-partner>), does this mean that Personio can be used as a SOURCE for user provisioning? What we'd like to do is Personio -> WorkOS -> Our App so that Our App can can have users provisioned as they are added / removed in Personio. thanks for your help with this Neil

POST attendances: Bitte geben Sie attendances ein, um fortzufahren.

Hello we try to POST attendances and we just get this error: ``` { "success": false, "error": { "code": 0, "message": "Bitte geben Sie attendances ein, um fortzufahren.", "errors": { "attendances": [ "Bitte geben Sie attendances ein, um fortzufahren." ] } } } ``` <br> This is our JSON-Body. Of course the employer-id is just an example here: ``` { "attendances": [ { "employee": 12345, "date": "2018-09-05", "start_time": "08:00", "end_time": "11:00", "break": 15, "comment": "Some comment" }, { "employee": 12345, "date": "2018-09-06", "start_time": "09:00", "end_time": "18:00", "break": 30, "comment": "Another comment" } ] } ``` <br> The content-type in our header is "application/json". What's wrong with our POST-Request? <br>

Webhook - Add the changed field

Is it possible to add the field that was changed to the payload? I know webhooks are implemented with Dataless notifications in mind but the changed field name without information about the field contents would help us to reduce API-calls that are not needed. I.e: We only want a notification if the "Employee needs a Laptop" field has changed. Right now we only see that the employee was changed but it could have been any field. Now we have to call the API, and have a look if any field we need has changed, even if it just was the postal address that we don't even need to know. I see two solutions to this. Either allow a webhook to only fire if a specific field has changed or add the changed field name (without the data) to the payload. Is there any chance that this will be made possible?

Standard Dynamic Field ist not updated, but Date Dynamic Field gets updated

Hi Experts, <br> can you please help me with the following: Our middleware sends an update to a specific employee. The Dynamic Date field gets updated, but the dynamic Standard field is not updated. We cannot reproduce this with Insomnia/Postman -> both field are updated. Do you have a idea/solution? Extract Logging: PATCH {"employee":{"custom_attributes":{"dynamic_11542316":"21965823","dynamic_9818860":"2024-04-18"}}} The first field is not updated. Answer from Personi: {"success":true,"data":{"id":21965823},"meta":\[]} <br> Thanks! Simon

Personnel Data API reponse does not match specification?

Hi, we are using the Personnel Data API as specified here: <https://github.com/personio/api-docs/blob/master/personio-personnel-data-api-oa3.yaml> The POST request for `/company/time-offs` (line: 1529) specifies a response that does not match the actual response of the API. The spec wraps the actual response in an additional `data` field (line: 1556). This looks unusual and we assume it is a mistake. We now patched our copy of the spec to make it work with the OpenAPI client generator. Can you confirm that this is a mistake in the spec? Regards Axel