This endpoint is an alias for /company/employees/attributes.

Available attribute types:

StandardA simple text field for short texts such as names, email addresses, ZIP codes or telephone numbers.
DateFor each employee's important dates, such as their date of birth or their certificate of study's expiration date, you can create an attribute that is formatted as a date. You can also create reminders for all attributes of this type.
IntegerNumbers without decimal places, such as the Personalnummer.
DecimalNumbers with one or two decimal places, such as the child allowance and monetary amounts or percentages.
ListLists ensure that attributes cannot be filled out arbitrarily and thus prevent errors. For attributes of this type, only one of the stored options can be selected. This is useful for yes/no queries, for example.
LinkLinks allow you to, for example, store your employees' LinkedIn or Xing profiles.
TagsDefine the available options for multiple selection attributes. However, be aware that several options can be selected simultaneously. This allows, for example, skills such as languages spoken to be entered.
MultilineA multi-line input field in which you can enter longer texts such as comments. The length of the text field is unlimited.
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