This endpoint is responsible for adding attendance data for the company employees. It is possible to add attendances for one or many employees at the same time. The payload sent on the request should be a list of attendance periods, in the form of an array containing attendance period objects.

Post body example:

    "attendances": [
            "employee": 12345,
            "date": "2018-09-05",
            "start_time": "08:00",
            "end_time": "11:00",
            "break": 15,
            "project_id": 5,
            "comment": "Some comment"
        }, {
            "employee": 12345,
            "date": "2018-09-06",
            "start_time": "09:00",
            "end_time": "18:00",
            "break": 30,
            "project_id": null,
            "comment": "Another comment"

Attendance period model description:

employeeunsigned integerthe employee id (as returned from the get request)
datestring in format "YYYY-MM-DD"date of the attendance period
start_timestring in format "HH:MM"
end_timestring in format "HH:MM"
breakunsigned integerbreak in minutes
commentstringoptional comment
project_idintegerthe project id
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