Personio introduces a set of headers that you should include in your requests, so that we can understand the usage of your integration. This can help us understand your requirements and needs in order to provide more features and add value to our API. The headers MUST be included on every incoming request to our API.

X-Personio-Partner-IDThe partner identifierX-Personio-Partner-ID: ACME
X-Personio-App-IDThe application identifier that integrates with Personio.X-Personio-App-ID: SLACK

If you are a partner we ask that you are using both of them. If you are a customer you MAY use only the X-Personio-App-ID

The values for the ID can be defined by you, but should represent your company name and application name.

Values MUST follow the UPPER_SNAKE_CASE format. For example MY_APPLICATION, ACME are valid values.

TIPS: Please make sure you keep those values consistent across your requests.